Welcome to our new blog

We are excited to announce the launch of our new blog! This is where we plan to share our thoughts on the web hosting industry, as well as bring detailed information on everything to do with web and VPS hosting to you. We also plan to give you updates on SpexHost’s activities throughout the year, and offer insights into any web hosting related security threats.

A look back
We have come a long way since launching SpexHost back in 2006. What started as a small shell company for our friends, has bloomed into a successful Web and VPS hosting company with customers from all around the world. With the success we’ve seen, this has allowed us to upgrade all our packages to full SSD storage, as well as more DDoS Protection at no cost to our customer.

A look forward
Our goal with SpexHost has always been to offer the best services possible, and at the lowest price to our customers. With that being said, stay tuned for even more freebies, and new services being offered over the next year.
If there’s anything you’d like us to write about, or if you have any feedback for us, please do not hesitate to contact us about it. We’re always here to listen!

I invite you to book mark our website and/or blog and to connect with us on social media (FaceBook & Twitter) to stay up to date on our news. We will have lots of updates to share in the coming weeks and months.

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