Protecting your WordPress Blog

So you have successfully set up your own WordPress blog through SpexHost and now you want to make sure it is secure and safe from intruders. Well think no more! Follow these simple steps and you will get the peace of mind to blog without any issues.

Creating a new User account

We recommend you create a new User Account as soon as you are done setting up your WordPress Blog and delete the default “admin” user. It is harder for a hacker to break into your site when both username and password need to be cracked.

Using a strong password

Simple passwords can make it easy for an intruder to crack and brute force their way into your blog. We recommend you choose a password that is at least 8 characters long, contains letters and numbers and to even go a step further and add symbols and capital letters. This will assure you a very secure password. You can also try using a password generator to generate passwords for you.

Set a different nickname to post

It is rather easy for someone to find out your login username by seeing who posts on your front page. We recommend you use a different username to post as author compared to the username that is “admin” on your blog.

Disabling logins from certain IP addresses

Brute force attacks happen daily to many WordPress blogs around the world. You can see for yourself through websites such as Sucuri. Luckily there
are great plugins out there to help you mitigate these threats. We recommend you use Login LockDown, Limit Login Attempts and BruteProtect. As an alternate you can always enable two-step authorization such as Google Authenticator or OpenID.

Security Plugins

Two of the most powerful security plugins for your WordPress is Wordfence and Better WordPress Security / iThemes Security.

Google Webmaster Tools

A valuable resource and free to use! Google webmaster tools gives you a lot of insight and information on improving your site. Even security! Use the “Security Issues” section of your profile and see what Google has detected as malware or other security issues.

Update Update Update

It is key to update both your WordPress and all Plugins at all times. These updates contain bug fixes and security fixes so that nothing slips through the cracks of your blog. They are all automated, simple and usually just a click away.

Daily Backups

In the event of anything being compromised it is always good to try restoring from backups. A clean restore can be much easier and helps with not losing important data in the event of a breach. Luckily all web hosting plans benefit from SpexHost’s automatic daily backups. In the event of an incident you can count on SpexHost to be there for you.

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